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The Golden Pyramid of Peace

 GPOP was created with the purpose to awaken in all of us the possibility of Peace in our lifetime.   It is a symbol that points to a realization that Peace World Wide is possible and that by adopting simple principles into our lives we can achieve peace on earth.

The time has come for all of us to take universal responsibility for the earth and to look for alternative means of sustainability that will result in important changes in how we live: an inner peace based on principles free from prejudices and blind dogma; use of energy from innovative solar, wind and geothermal sources; and financial solutions that include micro economies that respect the human aspect and value the soul as much as hard assets.  The goal is to shift the current economic system toward a regenerative eco-system economy that sustains the human soul as well as the earth’s resources and thus becomes the symbiotic system that used to operate the earth.

The Golden Pyramid of Peace is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization within the state of California.

Innovation & Responsibility

We at the Golden Pyramid of Peace wish to introduce to the world innovative ideas that will pave the way for a new and better world.  We desire to work together with corporations to create avenues to wealth that at the same time eliminate poverty and end hunger.  There is a new world coming and it is already evident among us.  The last 20 years on earth has seen progress beyond our wildest imagination.  Our goal is to be a source and resource for this change and such nurturing the birth of a new paradigm of peace and prosperity for all!

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