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The Golden Pyramid of Peace is not just an organization - it's an ideal for humanity: an ideal that has the goal of assisting humanity in reaching its highest potential. It aims to educate, nurture, and inspire individuals in the pursuit of a peaceful world community. The idea is to bring about realistic change through practical action and not just ideas.

The Golden Pyramid of Peace is an actual physical structure built according to the same proportions as the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt. As the Golden Pyramid travels the world, it serves as a forum for renowned speakers from fields such as science, medicine, education, environment, spirituality, and entertainment. We want to engage people everywhere in the idea of human prosperity and happiness and that peace is possible in their lifetime. Through Golden Pyramid of Peace events we create a stage venue for like-minded performing artists and celebrities. Those attending events scheduled at the Pyramid will learn about sustainable living, see that world peace is possible, and become motivated to take positive action.

It's a celebration of our own divine nature and the ingenuity of humanity as a whole to overcome any obstacle - including the creation of WORLD PEACE. But more than just events, we also provide relief and aid where we can. We've done extensive work in the Phillipines and are continuing to provide basic services and supplies to those displaced by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan on March 11th, 2011. The Golden Pyramid of Peace was at the scene from the first day people were allowed in the afflicted area and has made repeated trips back with supplies and services almost every day.

Will you join us in our quest to see true happiness and joy in the world? We're already waiting for you and are optimistic that you want to help ease suffering as much as we do.

Our History

In 1958, our founder Gudni Gudnason was born in the pristine lands of Iceland. He was instilled with a passion for helping others and desire to do humanitarian work is his life. His father encouraged this and with this encouragement he began to travel the world to learn more about humanity as a whole. He studied human suffering through experience rather than just academics. By seeing first-hand true suffering, famine, and death in many places he gained a deep compassion for others. Thus the Golden Pyramid of Peace was born!

The Golden Pyramid of Peace appeared for the first time in Tokyo, Japan, Saturday August 8, 2009 at the Iyashi Healing Fair (Tokyo Big Site) with over 40,000 people in attendance. At this time we hosted a World Prayer for Peace which was broadcast in 9 languages around the globe. The Golden Pyramid of Peace appeared in North America for the first time when another Wold Peace Prayer was held in Los Angeles, California on Saturday October 24, 2009. This time the peace prayer was broadcast in 18 languages around the world.

Today we are heavily engaged in action with his family of peace through many different activities. Most of the work the family of the Golden Pyramid of Peace is doing now is in Japan.

This visionary project aims to be supportive of positive changes already taking place on the planet today: new eco-friendly technology, more corporate social responsibility, and increasing awareness of the value of the holistic approach to living.

A permanent part of the Pyramid will be Dr. Emoto's Message from Water, with visitors walking through an inspiring activation gate bearing his watermarks.

Who Are We?

We are a "Family of Peace" and are activists, peace-makers, and even just 'lovers' of humanity who are the caretakers of the Golden Pyramid of Peace. We are now in over 44 countries around the world and is heavily involved in support and community service. We conduct many different community activities that help our fellow humans in becoming citizens of peace. The Golden Pyramid of Peace is based on the simple fact that a new paradigm has emerged on this planet and we aim at nurturing and holding the vision for this new world that is coming. We do not have all the answers but we know that it is a world that comes from our hearts which are filled with hope for a better world.

We believe in the concept of a true Shamballah which is a utopia from an ancient time and is well known in the Himalayas. The positive effects of this world has been known for thousands of years in that area as a influence of peace and love. The ancient world of Shamballah with its amazing city of peace, Shangri La, was a world of peace where there was no army nor police and no one committed any crime. It was a world of love and compassion where the citizens treated each other as they were divine, according to our true nature. No living thing was harmed in any way and health was optimal. We at the Golden Pyramid of Peace believe that this world is coming again and that many of us have already awakened to that reality.

Shamballah is our collective dream for the future. A time of peace and unity where all people work and play together in harmony regardless of age, sex, religion or color. Where we celebrate our differences and honor each person's unique piece in this awesome puzzle that we co-create. Where sadness and suffering are transformed with Joy, Acceptance & Abundance for all. Where the air is fresh and the water runs clean because we live eco-consciously. The Golden Pyramid of Peace is a community that is forming around the world and your participation is essential in fulfilling this dream. Our community collaborates to create events and gatherings that offer opportunities for true expression for everyone....and are in service to those who need us. Taking care of the people and the planet is what it's all about. We stand for taking real action to make this world a better place that we can all love to be in.

We see the Golden Pyramid of Peace representing the good and the possibilities in all people. We hope that it may serve as a unifying point for world leaders. We aim to awaken people to peace.

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